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On the 6th of August, we held J's bachelor party, the very cause of this project. We wanted to streamline the day by taking control out of our drunk hands and putting it into a device J would have to obey blindly. Instead of manually keeping track of time and location (quite a challenge sometimes, even when sober), we offloaded that to a GPS-enabled device with pre-programmed routes. more »
We are wrapping the project up. We should be, since we're nearly August 6, the day it's supposed to be used. Monday, Chris and I started working on a proper Arduino shield, grouping all components on a protoboard that is to be plugged into the Arduino:… more »
¬†All ingredients for our jGPX project: more »

Project jGPX

On September 10, J-man and M-woman are getting married. As is usually done around here, there is a bachelor day/night/party/zweinerei (stag day/night/party/something for the British gentlemen) being held on August 6. Before going bananas on Trammelant at night, J-man must fulfill a list of difficult challenges. I can't tell anything about those challenges (I've sworn secrecy, obviously), but I can tell you about what we are going to use to tie the thing together (like what a nice rug does to a livingroom): jGPX. more »


Not content with the old IR code in my TI-92 remote project, I implemented an asynchronous "Arduino" library for sending infrared codes: IRtimer. As the name suggests, this library uses the Atmega timers to generate the modulated 38kHz carrier. An IR… more »

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