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As administrator of Indianio, I had the displeasure of watching it crash and burn a few weeks ago. During an exam. Granted, the number of students was higher than Indianio ever had to endure before. And all those students wanted to hand-in their solutions at the same time: at the end of the exam. But still, there were only 287 students... more »


I'm currently working on my computer at work. Not local, but remotely, from a computer room during an exam. All the computers here are switched into exam mode, which means everything is filtered, except for access to the Citrix server and some other stu… more »
This post is mainly a note for myself, in case I need this again, but forgot (and I will, both). To compile a module (e.g. fuse.ko) for a kernel of which you only have the headers (e.g. some linaro build for a Pandaboard), do the following: make -C /l… more »