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patlinktualou1988 [Visitor]
Very interesting post I like your blog carry on the great posts =-=
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davy [Member]
@n1kt0 It can take quite a while before the GPS has enough signals. It seems to depend on how long it was switched off (and perhaps how far the device was moved while disabled). Even outside, it would sometimes take 5 minutes after a cold boot.

Our module does not work very well indoors, except when near a window.
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n1kt0 [Visitor]
Interesting project. How long does it take the GPS module to acquire satellite signal? Does it work well indoors, or does it have to have clear line-of-sight to the skt?
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DavidCDean [Visitor]

Nice work! And don't apologize for using an arduino... fast builds that need to 'just work' are exactly what it's good for!
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chris [Visitor]
It turns out the datasheet mentions "VDD - V0" as test condition for VLCD - so on second thoughts the "Widerstand musste recht klein sein" should not be a surprise (with or without Chrome).

Welcome to the world of datasheets :-).
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