jGPX: enclosure'd

We are wrapping the project up. We should be, since we're nearly August 6, the day it's supposed to be used.

Monday, Chris and I started working on a proper Arduino shield, grouping all components on a protoboard that is to be plugged into the Arduino. Some pictures:

On this side, you can see the compass (the green bit), the buzzer (round thingy) and some components to do the necessary stuff. We use the FET to toggle the GPS-module. The entire construction draws 60mA in full operation, but with GPS-module disabled it needs only 12mA.

The top side of the shield (it does look sharper in real life, though). You can see the GPS-module and a trimpot to adjust the constract of the LCD. Before you ask, yes, we had only one color of wires.

The shield mounted on the Arduino, sitting on a base plate equipped with a 9V battery holder. Connected to the shield is the display (yes, we have a 16x4 now! yay!) with a ribbon cable from an old PC and our fancy on/off switch.

Picture of the enclosure with the display mounted. The ribbon cable is supposed to be inside, obviously.

The device in operation! It shows the time (from the GPS-data), number of satellites, active route, target point, distance to target point and bearing towards target point.

No, sadly no, we are not sponsored by Proximus. But they can always give me a call... *wink*wink* For sponsoring of course.

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