jGPX: assembled on breadboard

This week, I 'ave mostly been working on the software of jGPX. I'm not publishing it yet, and I will tell more about it later.

But for the impatient, I can already show the project in its temporary enclosure. Not only is moving the thing around between my desk and the windowsill (for better GPS reception) now much easier, the accuracy of the compass is better when the surrounding electronics stay in the same place relatively.

You may notice that we still use the Arduino instead of the Seeeduino, as I said we would. That's because we ran out of space in the flash of the latter (which features a Atmega168, 16kb flash) and the former has a Atmega328 with 32kb flash. There was no point in trying to reduce the size of the program, since a lot of (routing)data is still to be added.

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