Project jGPX

I was going to call the project "jGPS" (you know, GPS with prefix 'j'), but my clumsy typing decided otherwise. Besides, X-es are always cool, right guys?

On September 10, J-man and M-woman are getting married. As is usually done around here, there is a bachelor day/night/party/zweinerei (stag day/night/party/something for the British gentlemen) being held on August 6. Before going bananas on Trammelant at night, J-man must fulfill a list of difficult challenges. I can't tell anything about those challenges (I've sworn secrecy, obviously), but I can tell you about what we are going to use to tie the thing together (like what a nice rug does to a room): jGPX.

J-man will receive a GPS-enabled device that tells him what to do. It will guide him between challenges by means of a bearing and a distance, and he must get at his destination in time. On those locations, he will obtain the challenges.

We have the following in mind: We create the routes and points of interest in Google Earth and add the challenges and timestamps as descriptions. This place (GE terminology) is saved as .kml (actually XML) and transformed (by means of XSLT and such) into C-code (data actually) that is to be compiled for a microcontroller, most likely an Arduino or compatible.

FYI: "we" is Chris Pockelé and myself.

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